About Aura Online

Driven by creativity, innovation, and strategy.

We are a digital agency composed of talented online marketers. We have invested considerable time and effort studying the dynamics between companies and their customers, and we have discovered the key to the successful connection between these two entities. Our mission is to bridge the existing gap and connect clients with their target market through the use of novel and groundbreaking digital marketing strategies.

We work hand in hand with clients in developing a digital marketing plan that is tailored to their needs—from establishing an online identity to managing their online presence. We love to play around with new ideas while utilizing time-tested strategies, and we use the right balance between the two in order to help clients gain a market advantage

Web Design & Development

We’ve helped a large number of clients build their website from the ground up, developing all site elements from graphics to content. We also employ Google Analytics to consistently monitor site performance and ensure that it is consistently aimed at reaching the target market.


Search Engine Optimisation

We specialize in helping clients rank organically in search results pages. We work towards increasing website visibility in order to reach the correct target market, and we do this using only white-hat and effective strategies guaranteed to provide long-term results.


Pay Per Click

PPC is a tricky strategy that needs skill and dedication. Our team of PPC specialists is consistently working to deliver strong results for our clients while keeping the costs low.


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